Friday, December 21, 2012

                                       LITTLE BIT OF PURPLE OLD PHOTOS Part 1

It` s been a milion years since my last post and no matter who ( and if anyone ) is reading my blog I love to have this little space that is mine, time for me after my litlle munchkin goes to sleep. I litteraly didn` t have any time to do this due to his theething and looking after him in general. Now, after minor renovation of my beautiful blog ( I LOVEEE this clouds, it is so dreamy, it is SOOOO ME! )
I can not wait to upload our old photos.. to show a little bit how we live in Purple Land. :)

                                          Central Park, Spring 2011
Biking, biking, biking a LOT that summer of 2011

Purple Land in Candy Land ;))))))))))))))))))))))))
More biking
Washington adventure :)
OMG how much I enjoyed doing this!!! I love my life and appreciate every single
minute of it!!! I love people in my life, I love my family and our purple adventures!!!
This is it for tonight! Love you all kind people!
<3 <3 <3

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