Saturday, August 11, 2012

Am I Enough?

I` m very blessed lady! My son is center of my Universe, I` m a good wife ( I think :-D) and I` m
an Artist. Fine Artist. A Painter. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be like my mommy and granny ( both amazing painters) First time I draw portrait of Cindy Crawford, poster that I cut out
of my sister`s magazine I knew that I will use my talent to express human emotions and trought
their eyes will let you directly into my soul. Now I don`t think about it anymore, I`m just celebrating
the life and enjoying my time of a day when i can be an artist ( wich is the time when my son is sleeping soundly in his crib) I` m so blessed, so grateful.
We live in small but cosy apartmant and every detail in our home have a history and meaning.
I don`t have studio but I remember what my professor said : `` Our greatest Painter lived in
one- bedroom apartmant with his wife and five kids. He used to paint in bathroom and yet he
end up being one of the greatest painters in Serbian Art History! True Artist is unstoppable!! ``

                             `` IN MY LIFE, I HAVE BEEN BROKEN
                                INTO A THOUSAND PIECES AND FUSED
                                BACK TOGETHER BY GRACE. I AM LOVED
                                DEEPLY. COMPLETELY. UNCEASINGLY.
                                BUT STILL, I WONDER: AM I ENOUGH? `` A. Zierman

Have you ever wonder are you enough? I did. But at the end of the day I know that I am giving
110 % of myself to everything that I do and I just sit and that God for all the blessing and
promise to my self that I will try to be even better version of myself.

                            ``CROW` S FEET AND STRETCH MARKS AND BLONDE
                               HAIR TURNED DARKER WITH AGE. MY FLOOR IS
                               COVERED IN CRUMBS. I AM STILL IN MY SWEATPANTS
                               AT TWO IN THE AFTERNOON. AND MY KIDS ARE WEARING
                               GARAGE- SALE JEANS. GRACE MEANS SIMPLY THIS: I AM
                               ENOUGH, JUST LIKE THIS, JUST AS I AM`` A. Zierman

I wanted to share this simply beautiful words of obviously an amazing woman. For all of you out
there that ever wonder are you enough, for all you business women, mothers, homemakers,
grandmas, students , sisters, friends all I have to say is: YES YOU ARE!!! :- D

Please find it in heart to excuse my bad grammar I am doing my best! :-D :-*

Lots of Love from me & can`t wait to catch up with you soon! :-D


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